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Online Therapy Services

The convenience and privacy of online therapy.

Online therapy involves providing mental health treatment, emotional support and case management services over the internet. Services can be offered through telehealth video, text messaging, online live chat messaging or phone.

One advantage is your sessions can be private at any location you choose. You can log into your sessions with your desktop, laptop or phone or cell wherever you feel comfortable, safe and private.

Therapists and clients have the ability to upload information through user friendly telehealth portals, sending messages and documents to their private portal. Online therapy is convenient because it can happen anywhere, in any Country, virtually anywhere you can access an internet connection you can join an online therapy appointment. 

Another advantage is having personal access to your therapist through technology enables a straight line of communication uninterrupted by leaving messages with office staff. Thus offering improved communication between the client and the Therapist. Telehelath portals are HIPAA compliant for your safety and privacy. 


All Therapists must possess a minimum of a Master Degree in Social Work, Guidance and Counseling and Psychology. Each therapist must be licensed or credentialed where they practice as a provider and may have endorsement or licenses in multiple States and other Countries. ​                             

A Therapist will have sufficient understanding of how technology, works within their scope of practice, and participate in trainings to support license requirements by their State. Each Therapist follows the laws and guidelines required by the State where they practice. Social Workers-Psychotherapists will have a minimum of 3 years in supervised practice beyond their educational internships. Other disciplines such as licensed Psychologist or Counselors will have a set of rules outlined by their board of licensing in each State they practice. 

Effective online treatment

Anxiety disorders,  obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), excoriation disorder, depressive disorders, substance use disorders (SUD), addictions other than substances (alcohol, drugs),  eating disorders, issues related to self esteem, childhood unresolved issues etc. 

Issues related to interpersonal relationships (family, partner & couples) grief and loss of any type (job, divorce, death)  developing coping skills, managing medical diagnosis 

Developing skills to increase personal insight, problem solving skills, adjustment to lifestyle changes, personal issues related to self esteem, confidence, communication, fears, inability to focus and feel productive etc. 

Managing chronic health issues and health care compliance. Coping with caregiving stressors.

Request a Free Session-  to be certain online therapy is right for you. Click the Link to schedule your FREE 15 minute video or phone therapy session to be certain online therapy is best for you.

Helpful information when getting ready for your therapy session.

1. Find a private safe and quiet location

2. Always schedule your session on a day and time that works best and you will not have to cancel or feel forced to shorten your session.

3. Do not schedule sessions while you are driving.

4. Be sure your computer/laptop, smart phone is fully charged. Check your mic and camera to be sure they are in working order. 

5. Use earphones to protect your privacy.

6. Be sure you are at a location with a good internet connection.

7. It's also recommended your virus protection is updated. Another idea is to test your equipment before your appointment.