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Louise Dery, LMSW 

Michigan licensed Therapist since 1995 #6801064364

For over 27 years, I have been providing psychotherapy services for adults, couples, senior citizens and families who are faced with mental health, addiction and chronic health issues. 

My practice approach is integrative. This means I rely on multiple approaches such as  Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral & REBT, Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Brief Therapy just to name a few. The point is, your therapy is unique to you and your situation. Any one or a combination of these and other approaches and techniques will help you develop the insight you need and allow me to guide you through your change process. Begin your personal journey and become the best version of yourself feeling emotionally strong and confident.  Your goals will be my goals and your therapy will be tailored to meet your personal needs.  

In addition to therapy,  I will complete a comprehensive assessment to evaluate your need for community resources and referrals.

We are all responsible for our own well being and its very challenging to go it alone. Therapy requires change as you find self-awareness and self-acceptance. However, change is not easy to achieve on your own. Online therapy provides you a safe and non-judgmental place to move at your own pace and obtain the tools you need to improve your life. I am available through video and phone sessions, Also the telehealth platform allows my clients to leave me messages between sessions. Once you schedule an appointment you will receive email confirmation and text message reminders to help you keep your appointments.

Still not sure if therapy is right for you? Request a free 15 minute video or phone session by clicking the therapy request tab at the top of the page. Submit the completed form and your therapist will be in contact with you shortly.