Online Counseling Services

What is online therapy?

Online therapy involves providing mental health services and support over the internet. Services can be offered through Tele-health video, email, text messaging, online live chat messaging, or internet phone.  Therapists and clients have the ability to upload information and documents through online portals, messaging or email.  Technology used may be laptop, desktop computer, cell phone applications and voice. Online therapy is convenient because it can happen anywhere. 

The Therapists - Therapists will have a minimum of a  Master degree that vary from Social Work, Guidance and Counseling and Psychology. Each therapist must be licensed where they practice as a provider. However, this does not prevent them from providing services at other locations. If you have questions or concerns, contact us at

The  Therapist will have sufficient understanding of technology, works within their scope of practice, and maintains training to support license requirements by their State. Each therapist follows the laws and guidelines required by the State where they are licensed.

Conditions that can be effectively treated - anxiety disorders,  obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), excoriation disorder, depressive disorders, addiction, eating disorders and others. Issues related to interpersonal relationships (family and couples), grief and loss, learn coping skills with COVID and medical diagnosis, developing problem solving skills and adjustment to lifestyle changes and challenges. Complete a request form to schedule a session and send any questions or comments you may  have.

What you will need- to get the best results from online therapy you will need a private, safe and quiet location to have your sessions. Schedule an agreed upon session day and time that will not cause you to be rushed or force you to shorten your session. Do not have sessions while you are driving. Do not schedule sessions if you are not certain you can attend. You will need to have a computer/laptop, smart phone with a camera and microphone. Be sure your device is fully charged. You may want to use earphones to protect your privacy. You will need to have a good quality internet connection. Also, it is recommended that you update your virus protection. It's a good idea to test your equipment prior to your session, do a test.  

What the therapist will need from you is your contact information and date of birth to establish an account at the telehealth portal and your emergency contact information.